The bike

The bicycle is designed for practical transportation; parts such as frames, wheels/rims, and tires are chosen for strength, safety, and durability rather than high performance.


The combination of parts, design, and features provide functionality and comfort at the expense of weight


is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location, time information and data for research.


Direct marketing opportunities for noprofit communications


The system will fit at every place and it can be installed very quickly: it is plug and play. This is the reason why it is really easy to add more units and to displace the units. The pavement can also stay intact, because there is no earthwork needed to attach the system.


Operates at low voltages.


is made of a thick stainless steel plate which is coated with plastic.


The outdoor Kiosk is characterized by a high quality hardware and a light sophisticated level of aesthetic finish. Harmony in shapes does not compromise solidity and reliability.


Free WIFI zone


Hb display with capacitive touch screen foil



The Bike Sharing Napoli app will amaze you! Available in free download on Google Play and App Store. The innovative app supports you during the pilot phase of the project. Download it and get real-time information, customize itineraries, interact in the community and much more.

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iconcina istruzioni

How it works

  User rules The subscription is free of charge. Your account must be associated with your own credit/debit/or prepaid card as guarantee The subscription is personal and non-transferable. Subscription is only available to persons aged 18 or over. You are fully liable from the moment the bicycle is removed from the station until it is correctlyreturned. Only one bike can be taken at a time pe

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(Italiano) Condizioni Generali di Utilizzo

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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Join the Community of Bike Sharing Napoli! Create your account, share your bike experience and get in touch with other users. Support the project  and share your ideas in order to encourage the public administration authorities to improve the sustainable mobility planning in the city.

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Road safety

Useful tips to experience the city by bike for all urban cyclists. Consult the ECF Road Safety Charter , be careful, pay attention and remember: the bicycle is a real vehicle, you must follow the same rules as other vehicles on the road.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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