We are part of #fiumeinpiena, a peaceful movement and non partisan, founded and formed by young people.
#Fiumeinpiena is a point of contact between the committees and associations around the province of Naples, who have been fighting the issues of earth pollutions such as spills of illegal waste, industrial, toxic and nuclear, as well as toxic fires.
#Fiuemeinpiena merged in the great march of 16 November 2013, to say STOP to biocide. Our goal is to unite under one banner, not only the Campania region, but the whole of Italy.
We all met in Naples, to make our voice of protest heard and to reiterate our thirst for truth and redemption. We demand justice. we want to reaffirm definitively the plan of waste management, such as the following –

– Stopping the fires, spill and the trafficking of toxic waste;

– Saying NO to incinerators and to all forms of waste combustion;

– It is the only reclamation after blocking illegal activities and only under control of the community; and

– The protection and promotion of the healthy food industry in Campania.

In continuity with the demonstrators of the province, Naples hosted a large public event to stop the biocide of our land, and to decisively move from victims to protagonists of a journey that revolutionizes the current model development. We felt the responsibility, as citizens of Campania, to take to the streets asking everyone to join and create awareness about the richness and value to the achievement of the goals. It is an all encompassing event, where everyone can express in their own way their participation. All united, we are strong, and want to keep the spotlight on this critical issue. We turned to the ordinary citizens who care about the fate of this land and its inhabitants, to the committees who are struggling to raise awareness and protect the territory, associations and individuals who fight from the bottom, as well as religious communities sustained by hope of faith and those from afar who only recently learned about the destruction perpetuated in these places.

Our appeal is addressed to all forces who also feel they can engage in this battle.
From that day, fiumeinpiena synthesized instances in a share document, created thanks to the collaboration of all the souls of #fiumeinpiena.


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