Other projects and initiatives:

  • Legambiente “Clean Up the World” – 2011 edition
  • Asia Naples “Four Days of Difference” – 2011 edition
  • Bateria Pegaonda – flash mob for the “European Week for Waste Reduction” – 2011 edition
  • Project “Eco logic” in collaboration with Spazio Tangram cultural association – 2012 edition
  • “Smart Lab Incubator”, CleaNap was selected among the beneficiaries of the call “Kiics of Science City” for twelve months of incubation within a space of innovative ideas for businesses, which are accompanied with the definition of a project and path of business  – 2013 and 2014 edition
  • “Youth Press Italy”, festival of the young journalism – 2013 edition
  • Co-operation with Centrum Integracji Miedzykulturowej, CIM Warsaw, a centre associated to the cultural integration for the project “Democratic Pyramid – Civic Education at Schools, Universities and Local Communities” – 2013 edition
  • POR campania ESF 2007 to 2013 “Riciclarte” primary
  • School “F. Illuminato” Mugnano (NA)  – 2013
  • “Creative Naples” promoted by the Youth, Creativity and Innovation Department – 2014 edition
  • Participation in the focus groups of the European project “Seismic – societal engagement in science mutual learning in cities” ANCI –  2014
  • Project “ The Smart Innovation Island”, in partnership with association Isolanova Ischia (NA) and Push, association of Palermo – 2014
  • Participation in the focus group on mobility and innovation, organised within the network NETKITE – cross bordered NETwork to foster knowledge, intensive business incubation and technology transfer, the project ENPI CBC MED, ARCA consortium, Palermo – 2014
  • In collaboration with ALTOFEST 2014 as donors place performance “Bios” of Pietribiasi and Germans (IT) in 2014.
  • In collaboration with Caravanserai, a project that was born in Palermo with the idea of creating a place that, like Caravanserai in the desert, should welcome travellers and locals in addition to giving them psycho-physical refreshment, make them aware of the beauty and potential of the surrounding area, and offering them the opportunity to contribute their expertise and stories, Palermo  – 2014
  • In collaboration with “ Save the Children” for the “upside” 2014.
  • Promoter of the “Bike to School” to sensitise parents and children to use bicycles as a means of sustainable transport. In collaboration with FIAB cicloverdi and urban cyclists spaccanapolibike 2014.
  • Participation as an exhibitor with the project bike sharing Naples event “light 2013 – the night of researchers” 2013, “smart city exhibition” (Bologna 2013 and 2014), “SMAU” (Naples 2013 and 2014), “smart mobility world” (Turin 2014), “Social Innovation Day” (Naples 2014), “Forum PA 2014” (Rome 2014), “Comicon” (Naples 2014), “Naples Bike Festival” (Naples 2013 and 2014)
  • Mentoring to TedxCaserta for the workshop TEDx adventures, the future of work, February 2015
  • Project “Lab House” in partnership with L.E.S.S. Onlus – 2015
  • Project D.I.A.L.O.G.U.E – Determined Immigrants And Locals Organise a Unique Global Entrepreneurship, ATS led by the association Sagapo  – 2015

Other projects

INN – Internationa Napoli Network
Experiences of urban and civic monitoring
Eco Festival
Cleanap for School
Let’s Do it! Italy
Bike Sharing Napoli