Eco Festival

Since 2011, we are partners of the Ferrara Buskers Festival Eco Festival.
With this project the aim is to create a collection within the festival through the principals of collection points by the eco-assistants, who are people from the Naples CleaNap project.
The task of the eco-assistant is directing viewers to a proper seperation of waste in order to achieve an effective collection. Another task is assisting the operators of the Hera Group in the management of the collection.

In 2013, the Ferrara Buskers Festival has recieved the prestigious Prix Cultural in verde, thanks to the project eco festival.
For a third year running, the eco festival has made the big event Ferrara industry perfect green initiatives, also involving the organisational manager Luigi Russo, project creater Mario Sunseri, irreplaceable engine of the initiative Henrietta Ticchiati Ferra and us at CleaNap.
The forum which promoted the award is made by italian local Agenda 21, the Lombardy region, the ministry for the environment land and sea, eco systems and Adeschoop – agency of the social economy.

Project Eco Festival was founded by the municipality of Ferrara, the university of Ferrara and Bologna, Hera Group, the main sponsor of the festival o Labelab and of Atersir.
We are hoping to soon organise an eco festival in Naples. A big congratulations to Luigi and co and our eco assitants in the mission to Ferrara.


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